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Skin Deep?

Up until about 4 years ago, I was under the impression that my skin care products were only “skin deep”.  We would run by any convenient retail store, pick out the soaps and body washes that smelled the best and throw them in the cart.  Sometimes we’d even snag a bottle that had exfoliating beads— this was always exciting for me.  I’m such a sucker for things like that. When we had our first child we received all the good smelling lotions and potions for baby shower gifts.  That clean baby aroma can’t be beat.  I had our baby’s room all ready with good “safe” products to take care of his skin.  I trusted the brands I had because they are even used in hospitals- hours after birth.  They had to be safe.

When starting on my journey to natural care for my family.  I was quickly shocked by how many toxic ingredients we were using on our skin.  Not only were our cabinets and bathtubs stocked with carcinogenic products, but the theory that the products were only “skin deep”, that was 100% false.  In fact many, if not all of our chemically laden soaps, lotions, shampoos, wipes, sunscreens, etc etc were able to completely penetrate the skin and absorb into our bloodstream in minutes.  At least I knew the products I was using on my 3 month old were safe… WRONG AGAIN!

There is truly no way to cover every ingredient of the vast selection of products on the market today.  So I’m going to cover 3 products that I completely trusted as SAFE for all 3 of my babies.  I used an app called “Think Dirty” to rate these products on a scale of 1-10.  According to “Each ingredient listed on the product label or manufacturers’s website is evaluated for documented evidence of Carcinogenicity, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity and/or Allergenicity and Immunotoxicity”

Johnson and Johnson Head to Toe Body Wash.  Score: 8 

Desitin Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Cream.  Score: 8

Pampers Baby Fresh Refreshing Scent Baby Wipes.  Score:  8

All 3 of my most used, most trusted products rated an 8 out of 10.  An 8 means that it contains ingredients that could cause Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity. They contain hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, they may interfere with reproductive health and even CAUSE BLINDNESS if used near the eyes… WHAT??? Those are products that are used on our children hours after leaving the womb.  No wonder, so many babies are affected with skin conditions, baby acne, sleep issues etc.  We are literally rubbing products on our infants that could cause long term side effects.  The more I learn about this the more worked up I get.  Something has to change.

I was so glad last summer when Young Living, the company I trust the most with my family’s health, came out with a line of baby products called, Seedlings.  I didn’t have a baby at the time to try these products out on but I knew I could definitely point people in a better, safer direction now that these were available.  This year, as you found out in my last blogpost, we are expecting baby number 4. I am so excited to be able to use safe, natural products on this baby.seedlings1

I love that my husband and I get to be the gate keepers of our home.  That we get to provide our family with healthy alternatives.  Knowledge is power.  I could still be the one that ran out and grabbed the first appealing product I saw.  But the Lord allowed my eyes to be opened.  90-95% of cancer is caused by environmental aspects (what we do, what we use, what we eat, where we live, work etc). LET ME SHOUT THAT A LITTLE LOUDER: 90-95%!!!!  We can’t control everything, nor should we (that’s the Lords job). But we do have control over what enters our homes. Know better, do better. 

We’re Growing

If you haven’t heard our big news yet, the Shoup family of 5 is growing! In January, I found out that I was expecting baby number 4. Since that day, I believe I have heard every response in the book. Fortunately, I am a “go with the flow” kinda girl. The realization that God has blessed us yet again, is SO exciting. I honestly believe a child is one of the greatest gifts of all.

Lets back up to the beginning of the year. In January, I started a weight loss challenge. I wasn’t in it to start a few days and then fall off the band wagon. I was in it to WIN it!!! I had my mind set (which is huge for me). I was exercising daily, eating healthy organic foods, and using my Slique products. By week 3 I had already lost 8 lbs, and was feeling great. I remember going out on a date with my husband at the end of that week. We ate at a new upscale Italian restaurant. Every. Single. Thing. I. Ate. Was Amazing!!! I mean, like the best food of my life—AMAZING. It was that night that I recalled my second pregnancy with Eliza. I loved the way food tasted and I could smell everything before I even got close to it. I knew that night—something was different. I was one week away from AF and I already knew. I took a test and didn’t tell a soul. It was positive!

I knew about this pregnancy for 3 weeks before I told anyone- even Jonathan. I was super excited on the outside but a bit nervous on the inside. Not many people know this, but Jonathan and I miscarried a child in the fall of 2016. We were not very far along, but nevertheless, I was pregnant and had a baby inside of me. I now understand the depth of pain that families undergo after miscarriage. I only carried that child for 6 weeks but the pain was still excruciating. I will forever love that baby and I am so thankful for the assurance to know that I will get to meet it one day in heaven… So with this child, although the test was positive I kept waiting, out of fear, to tell anyone. I told my mom first, because I needed her to pray for the Lord to prepare Jonathan’s heart for this. A week later, I told Jonathan. After the initial shock, he was super excited.

I understand that in 2018, it is not typical for families to have loads of children. I however, have always dreamed of a big family, just like the one I had. I have been asked all the usual stuff: “Do you not know what causes that?”, “Did you mean for this to happen?”, “Was it planned?”, “I’m guessing this one was a surprise?”, “Are you okay?” etc etc.. All I see this baby as, is the BEST GIFT EVER! We are all super excited to meet this little toot.

What have we learned so far from this pregnancy? God’s timing is always perfect! Weight loss challenges can always start again. I definitely feel like the “older” pregnant mom in the game. I always start showing faster than anyone else (pretty soon the “your due date must be wrong this time” will start). God’s plans are always ALWAYS greater than our plans. Food is delicious! Deep relief and Ningxia Red are a MUST. People will always have opinions. We need a bigger house.. and a bigger car… Life is so much fun and I am spending it with the greatest people in the world!

SIDE NOTE: Baby Shoup number 4’s gender will be revealed at birth. We were surprised with our last child’s gender and it was well worth the wait. Eliza and Sam want a girl, Jack wants a boy. Jonathan and I will be happy with either; although he is almost certain it’s a girl 😉 Go ahead and start casting your votes..

fearfully and wonderfully made

Drop Your Nets

What if you were meant for something bigger? What if you really did have a purpose in this world that you haven’t found yet? What if you were walking all around your purpose and never knew it? Would this be something that you would ignore or would you drop it all and follow your calling?

fishing pic

I know you’ve read or heard the story of Peter and Andrew, just doing their daily work. They were fishermen and Jesus said “come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” The bible says “AT ONCE” they left their nets and followed him. The same thing happened with James and John. The bible says they “IMMEDIATELY” left their father and followed Christ. How did they just lay it all down? What makes them different? Did God provide them with more faith than he gives us? Of course not! Did God promise them anything before they went with him? Nope! They saw Him as Jesus… that is all. They knew that by leaving, they were receiving so much more.

As a child of God, we can no longer be a slave to fear. God calls each and every one of us to drop our nets and follow Him. It doesn’t mean you have to leave the country (unless thats what he says specifically). There is PLENTY of purpose all around us!

Let’s look at faith. Faith causes you to move. Faith causes you to act. Faith is the presence of things we hope for—not the things we can see plainly in front of us. When we except Jesus as our savior, His Spirit dwells WITHIN us. We have the SAME POWER AS CHRIST! Just like the song “Same Power”, by Jeremy Camp says, “The same power that rose Jesus from the grave. The Same power that commands the dead to wake, Lives in us, LIVES IN US.”

We can no longer let the enemy tell us that we CAN’T do it. We can no longer listen to the lies that the world feeds us, saying that we are only meant for this or that. We can no longer let our unwillingness to move forward, hold us back! The Lord doesn’t “need” us, but He sure does “WANT” us. He loves us SO much! He tells us that we are meant for PURPOSE, for FREEDOM, to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. He even gives exact instructions on how to find your purpose. He tells us to seek Him with all our hearts. To ask Him what His plan is for our lives. To knock on heavens door, and he will open it and lead us to answers. You may think that it’s not possible for you. But I am telling you, actually I’m shouting it, YOU ARE A CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH GOD and it’s totally possible! Mathew 19:26 says “With man this IS impossible, but with God ALL THINGS are possible.” You are meant for greatness. You are meant for purpose. You are meant for a life of abundance. How great would this world be, if we’d all just drop our nets and follow Him.



How about a SHOT of Ningxia??

What makes Ningxia Red so special? Why is it any better than all of the other health and wellness drinks I’ve tried before?  Why is an essential oil company carrying a wellness drink.. aren’t their oils enough??  I am SO glad you asked!  Let me just tell you, Ningxia Red is a pretty big deal to us oily people!  ningxia-red-compliant-micro

Answer to question number 1: Ningxia red is special for many reasons.  Ningxia Red is an all natural, delicious, nutrient-infused wolfberry drink.  It contains the Ningxia Wolfberry.  The wolfberry is found in the Ningxia providence of Northern China.  The residents there have used this berry for many years to support their bodies. Dr. Chao, a Chinese scientist, told Dr. Gary Young that the people who regularly ingested this berry led remarkably long and healthy lives.  Not many people knew about the power in this super fruit until recently. Chinese biochemists have analyzed the wolberry and found that it is one of the most nutrient-dense foods ON THE PLANET!  It has HUGE amounts of fiber and also contains compounds that maintain healthy vision.  Young Living purees the entire fruit so that you get the greatest benefit of the wolfberry.


Purchase dried wolfberries here

Answer to question number 2:  This answer is simple!  Ningxia Red is better because it doesn’t ONLY contain the wolfberry super fruit. It contains a fruit juice blend of grape seed extract, blueberry, plum, aronia, cherry and pomegranate.  These fruit extracts are a great source of amino acids, support the cardiovascular system, contain powerful antioxidants that protect the body from a myriad of health risks, and helps maintain healthy bodily functions. Here is the real kicker that NO OTHER DRINK CAN BEAT… Our health and wellness drink is infused with PURE, THERAPEUTIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS!!!!   It contains Orange, Yuzu, Tangerine, and Lemon essential oils.  Tangerine essential oil is great for maintaining cholesterol levels that are within normal range and has an amazing citrus flavor.  Lemon and Orange essential oils contain the powerful antioxidant D-limonene (read up on all this beauty can do).  I’d like to consider these two oils my “happy oils”.  Yuzu essential oil has a great exotic flavor and has beneficial antioxidant content.   The mix of adding essential oils to this super fruit drink provides great benefit to many systems in your body, including:  the immune system, normal brain functioning, normal digestive health, cardiovascular support and MUCH MORE!  


Answer to question number 3:  Our oils are absolutely amazing and our family has grown to depend on YLEO’s in all areas of our daily life.  So, to answer this question, Young Living essential oils can definitely benefit your family in MANY MANY ways. But, Young Living is  not only an essential oils company… It is a HEALTH AND WELLNESS company.  Our vision is to help your family find Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.  Gary Young, the founder of Young Living is a SEEKER!  He will go to far lengths and to places that other men would dare venture to find nature’s sources of wellness. Which is how he discovered our beloved wolfberry.  We have a “steadfast commitment to essential oil purity, we’ve inspired millions of people everywhere to experience nature’s gifts of wellness, to create abundance as Young Living members, and to discover new opportunities for lifelong transformations.” – Young Living*  Long story short, we are a company who cares for you and your family.  We want to give you the BEST of the BEST–because that’s what you deserve!

I hope this helps give you the information you need, to be ready to transform your health naturally!  We know that before God created man, he first created the plants that can provide healing for our families.  We are created in the image of the Lord.  Our body’s are a temple.  Let’s protect that temple so that we can share the love of Christ the way that he intended. We are starting a NINGXIA RED CHALLENGE in the month of September 2016.  We will be committing ourselves to ingest at least a 2 ounce shot of Ningxia Red a day for 30 DAYS.  I can’t wait to see how many of you come out with amazing testimonies to how much better you feel!!! To learn how to receive Ningxia at the Best price, please contact me (remember to ask about my new member coupons).  I have included a few member testimonies below.  We love our Ningxia Red and we know that this secret is JUST TO GOOD TO KEEP!!!  ningxia red challenge.jpg



I have used Ningxia Red about a year. It helps my a1c. Plus, it helps with energy. Both my husband and I drink it.


When I first began using Young Living Essential oils and products, the first thing I wanted to order was NingXia Red. Everything I read about it sounded so amazing! I love the energy it gives me, the support my immune system receives, not to mention that I haven’t been sick but once since March of 2014 and that says a lot! I have always had problems with my digestive system and that has been resolved. (Thank goodness, can you say regular) I make sure I get at least one ounce a day, sometimes two. If I was told I had to go and live on an island for a year and I could take only a few things, NingXia Red would be among those items. Some say, I can’t tell any difference, I say miss a day of Red and you will for sure notice the difference! As much as I love My Essential Oils and their wonderful benefits, NingXia Red is by far my favorite!


I’ve been using Ningxia Red for almost 2 years.  I believe the Ningxia Red helps to boost my energy and helps to support my immune system.  Like Lucy says, “It’s so TASTY TOO!”  I like it good and cold!


I take one ounce of Ningxia Red a day. It makes me feel SO energized.  I have had the same eye prescription in my contacts for years and years.  This year at my 6 month routine check up, the doctor had to LOWER my  prescription. My Doctor was amazed. This is my favorite Young Living product!










Beauty or Beast?

I have worked in the professional beauty industry for over 12 years.  Throughout the years, I have tried many products to give my client’s their desired results.  There are many products that I have fallen in LOVE with and use daily!  It wasn’t until a little over 2 years ago that I took a shift in the way I looked at beauty products.  I now find myself checking labels and asking more questions to my sales rep’s to make sure what I use on my friends, are SAFE to be using!

I am so thankful that more and more companies are reaching out to family’s that care about their health.  There is NO NEED to add chemicals such as: formaldehyde, sulfates, excessive alcohol, DEA and MEA, etc etc to have BEAUTIFUL HAIR. Many of these chemicals strip the hair of its natural essential nutrients, and can irritate the skin.  I have had my share of dermatology visits in the past from my hands being literally BUSTED open from chemical exposer.  Not only that, but I have had NOSEBLEEDS and nasal sores from breathing products with chemicals and excessive drying properties.

I want the BEST for my clients.  They are my friends who put their trust in my service and my professional care.  I find myself reading labels, and asking many questions to my sales reps before purchasing or trying the latest and greatest products.  I have found many companies now that support health!  I choose to use an Organic hair color line on my clients called All Nutrient.  Their Standards say, ” Our products yield the most gentle, yet effective results because they are comprised of natural and organic raw materials that reduce the exposure to pesticides, unnecessary chemicals, and synthetic fertilizers.”   In my shampoos you’ll find “sulfate and paraben free” on the labels.   I use an all  Natural brand of shampoo and conditioner from Young Living Essential Oils that has NO chemicals at all, on my family at home.

lavender shampooeliza hair

Through my experiences and research with Young living essential oils, I have found that you can actually MAKE many of your hair and beauty products at home!!!  I use a WONDERFUL detangling and moisturizing spray that is SUPER EASY to make and your hair feels WONDERFUL when you use it!  Find the recipe for that and several others HERE!  There are also some great recourse booklets (great info with low cost) that have easy peasy all natural DIY beauty recipes HERE.

hair care DIY.png

We ALL want healthy beautiful locks!  Don’t let your beauty products turn your hair into a BEAST!  Making good choices for your family will pay off with the hair that you desire.   Be sure to tell your haircare professional your needs.  She should listen!!! A good stylist listens to your needs and tries hard to meet those needs!  What are some of your favorite HEALTHY hair care products or DIY recipes?  I would love to hear from you 🙂

Choose Faith

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

I have fretted for a couple weeks about what I should blog about. I fretted. “I” fretted. I was totally focused on myself and what I should deliver to you to perk your interests. To the majority of people in this world this would not be an issue to worry about. But, I am a people pleaser. I LOVE PEOPLE. I would start typing and then have to backspace backspace backspace. I could never get anything going on my blog that would please “myself”. So, I started praying. After several days of prayer, I decided I wouldn’t fight the Lord any longer and “Faith” would be the topic. As a believer in Christ, Faith is KEY!

When I think about faith, I can’t help but picture Abraham and Isaac. What great faith it would be to lead your only son up a mountain, to offer him as a sacrifice to your God. Where does someone get this faith? I mean- I have 3 children, I love the Lord dearly, but to give one of those babies up— that type of faith seems to surpass me. The truth is, no one has greater faith than the other. It’s how you use that faith that matters most. You may say “That was back then. Things are different now. It’s harder to have that kind of faith.” Abram (as Abraham was called at first) was called by the Lord to leave his home and his family at the age of 75 to build great nations and grow descendants all over the world. He was 100 years old when his wife Sarah bore their son Isaac. And then God called him to sacrifice this son as a burnt offering? Now, I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty rough compared to anything I’ve ever had to go though. Although it may have been a hard life, Abraham’s faith remained true. He knew that what the Lord promised him, he would do. Even after 100 years… he still got his son. While walking up to place Isaac on the offering table, don’t think for a second that Abraham didn’t think “Lord, I think you’ve got the wrong servant.. You promised many nations though Isaac. I waited 100 years for him… WHAT NOW?” He was human just like me and you. But, he remained FAITHFUL. Guess what else, God’s promises remained true that day (the ram in the thicket) just like they do for us today.

I never for the life of me thought that I would be called to lead a large organization of people. In the past I have struggled to speak in front of 10 or more people at church. Or heaven forbid having to walk up and talk to complete strangers. It’s sometimes comical how the Lord works. With this essential oil journey the Lord has led me on, I have often felt inadequate. Like Abraham I have thought “Lord, you’ve got the wrong servant.” Faith plays a great role in this part of my life. Many times in my essential oil classes I tell the testimony of how God has used valor and peace and calming essential oil  to help steady my shaking knees and hands and stress away to keep my voice from quivering during teaching. It’s pretty amazing how he works through his creation to pull out miracles in people. But even further than that, when he CALLS a person to walk a different path in life than they ever even saw imaginable, he can work miracles in that person. Faith comes from the Father. All we need to do, is to learn how to use it to it’s fullest. I didn’t know all the answers about Young Living Essential oils at first or how to lead an organization at first… I still don’t. But, through Faith I knew that God would lead me. When he says go, we need to get up! Is it easy? NO. Is it impossible? Of course not. When he calls you to do something, he WILL PROVIDE. All we need is faith!

Faith is often hard for people because we can’t see faith. We can not see the Lord that we place our trust in. We can only feel him and see his works at hand. We can not see 40 years down the road when we give our hand in marriage. We just use faith in God after prayer that our mate is the one God has chosen for us. We can’t see the outcome of the future Presidential election that is in front of us. But, we must remain faithful that GOD will protect his children and see us through any trial that awaits us. We don’t know when we become a member of Young Living essential oils that those oils are going to help us at all. But, we place faith in the person that told us how great they are and we try it…and we love it! We do not know what our future holds for our children. But, as Christians of FAITH we KNOW who holds their future. Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing what faith can do. I choose faith. I choose faith without knowing all the answers. I choose to believe, that through faith, the Lord will lead me just like he did Abraham. What about you? Will you choose to use the faith that God has given you?choose faith .PNG

A Mountain of Rest

A Mountain of Rest

Do you ever feel like you just need a break? Like you just need to skip away from reality for a short while and just breathe? I found myself in this situation just a few weeks ago…

I am a person that has one mode, and that is GO. I don’t like to sit idle. I have to constantly be doing something. Jonathan often laughs at me when he asks me to sit on the couch with him and watch television. Because either my hands are twisting, legs are bouncing or something is fidgeting. Even if I find myself still, my mind is still running wide open. This type of lifestyle in itself is enough to exhaust most people. But, it’s just who I am. Since I was blessed with this type of personality I usually get ready for a break from reality. I start brainstorming where we can go to get away. My number one spot to go is the Mountains of East Tennessee.

mountain pic

The “Smoky’s” are where I always went as a child with my parents and siblings. It was our spot! I guess the love I felt there as a child just stuck with me. Anyone who knows me personally knows I call it my “happy place”. We are now headed home from a great little getaway. I needed it! Or so I thought….

We decided before we left we would not rush this vacation away. We would simply go with the flow and ENJOY our time together. Now we all know with three children it’s often hard to sit still. We hear, “Let’s go play putt putt. What day is it? When are we going to the arcade? How much longer til we get there? I’m starving! “ etc etc etc. Not very often do you hear children say these words “I love sitting on the balcony and viewing the scenery. I would love to just stay in today, sleep late and relax.” LOL That is just wishful thinking!!! But the Lord does tell us,
“Be still and Know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10


I’m not going to bore you with very step of our vacation. This post was more to tell you what I learned while I was away from my so called, reality. I like to wear this essential oil in my diffuser necklace called, Magnify Your Purpose. It’s one of my most favorite daily essential oils to wear. I had it on as I walked out on my balcony on Wednesday morning. I smelled it as soon as the air hit me. At that moment, While taking in the view, the Lord spoke to me in what might as well have been audible voice. He so clearly said “why can’t you rest in me?” Although I love to vacation and could SERIOUSLY be a professional vacationer (if there is such a thing), I didn’t “need” it. I needed to rest in him, take TIME to be still, and take time to renew my strength in him. He is ALL we need. He shouldn’t be just a getaway but a place to take refuge daily.

He blessed me over a year ago by showing me the purpose he has for me. Knowing your purpose is a blessing in itself. Knowing his will doesn’t mean you’ll never get off track. Nor should it by any means tell you that you have it all figured out! You need the Lord. I thought I loved my “Magnify Your Purpose” essential oil before but now, WOW. When i smell this aroma, it reminds me that I should rest in Him. I should continuously rely on his word. It reminds me of my view of those mountains. And that i don’t necessarily need the Mountain.. I need the maker of every mountain. I need The ROCK. For it is in Him where the Greatest rest can be found!

“The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” Psalm 18:2

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains-where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 12

Wellness,Purpose, Abundance

Sometimes it’s in our lowest that we find out just how blessed we really are. God certainly has a way of coming in and slowing us down. Perhaps it’s so I can reflect. Maybe it’s so I can write and share with all of you. Maybe he just wants me to slow down. Either way, He’s good at it!

I had such a big week planned! My job at the salon had gotten flip flopped around to where I could only fit in two days this week. I had an essential oils class prepared for Tuesday afternoon. And the rest of the week I had planned to share my love of Young Living Essential Oils at market with a great friend (more on her later). While traveling home from my class on Tuesday, I started feeling a little “icky”. By Wednesday morning at the salon, I was definitely falling below that line of wellness. I had to leave work (if you know me, leaving work is a big deal) and come home. My husband put me to bed, against my will, and in his own way said, “you have got to slow down”. So I did.

I am not one to take time out for me. I am a workaholic… There I said it! I am happy when I am working. I think a little bit of my father may be coming out in me, or a big bit. I don’t see this as a bad thing. I love my customers at the salon!!! Love them! And I love sharing my love of oils and wellness. It is a passion beyond words! So why can a person that is so “Well” be “Sick”? God has a way of slowing us down. That is as easy an answer as I can give. Young Living has shown me so many ways to increase in my wellness. I use oils each day to support every aspect and area of my life. And WOW what a difference it has made. Right now, I am currently supporting my digestive, emotional, and immune systems. Where oh WHERE would I be at this moment without my oils??? Experiencing WELLNESS is possible even when you are sick!

What about the Purpose part of this post? Let me just tell you I have found PURPOSE beyond words!!! The Lord has promised us a purpose and for many it may feel that purpose is out of reach or yet to be revealed. I struggled with this for a while myself. I knew that my God had a plan for me and I’ve strived to find it in my own way. He has a way of lining everything just in HIS perfect timing. You need only to be walking with him in order to see it when he reveals it. In his own perfect timing while on my walk with wellness he revealed my purpose. My purpose is PEOPLE. I love to help people!!! I love to talk with them, see a need and help find a more natural way to fulfill that need. God is so good and if you will seek your purpose with an earnest heart he will lead you to it. Will it be what you expect? Mine is as far as I would have ever expected. I could never talk to a crowd. I couldn’t even stand in front of my own church family and put someone on the prayer request without my knees knocking and voice quivering. BUT I CAN STAND in front of a group wanting more out of their health. WHY? BECAUSE IT’S HIS WILL! NOT MINE! It is possible to find purpose in an area you may not expect.

Last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST- Abundance. When many people hear abundance they think, financial abundance! In fact when I first heard about this whole “abundance with Young Living thing” that’s what I thought of. Oh, they will give you some money when you share those oils with other people. That’s what you thought too, right? Here is what God’s word says about abundance,

“And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” 2 Corinthians 9:8

If you want abundance, Get in the WILL of God. Find something you LOVE. And turn yourself loose! For me abundance is getting a short text that says, “My daughter is finally sleeping through the night! Thanks for telling me about Lavender.” or, “I’ve been having such a hard time lately with all that’s happened. But Frankincense has made such a difference in the way I feel. I had no idea until I tried it.” Abundance is sharing my love of oils in a class full of people. And the one person who I would have thought least likely to follow up with me is now one of my best friends (I told you I’d tell you about her later). Abundance is KNOWING that I AM making a difference for the Lord. I can easily share my faith through these oils. Because it is through that same faith that all this was made possible. Abundance also is knowing that I CAN lie here and rest today with this sweet little man KNOWING that the Lord has blessed us enough to have a DAY OFF!


Imagine a life filled with wellness. Imagine a life filled with purpose. Imagine a life filled with abundance. It is available and it’s NOT out of reach! Check out this awesome video below and have a blessed day:


Get them while they’re HOT!!!

Young Living’s most amazing kits ever are on sale THIS MONTH ONLY!!!!! Throughout the month of February you can purchase ANY Premium Starter Kit at 10% off!!!!! They have put much thought into all of their kits to help get you just what you need to get started towards a more healthy version of YOU. I have descriptions of each kit in the Become A Member section. Along with the purchase of your kit from Young Living, you will receive a Welcome Packet from me with loads of information and a booklet to help get you started, you’ll be able to take part in a Private Facebook Group EXCLUSIVE to our members, you’ll receive a FREE educational class from me to help you get started using your products and TONS of one on one personal attention! I can’t wait to hear personal testimonies from all of you of how Young Living Essential Oils are changing your life. I know that my life is much more fulfilled since I’ve become a member of Young Living. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 


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